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Plain and simple

Plain and simple: don't lose readers to jargon and complicated words

I've worked with a lot of post-graduate clients lately. Most of the work has been editing theses or dissertations in various fields as the clients approach the end of their schooling. Reading this article from 2015 about using simple, clear language had me thinking back over the papers I've read in the last few months, and thinking about my own undergrad and post-grad work.

Simple and clear certainly makes the most sense. I never did care for the long winded articles and research I read through when working on my own projects. It just doesn't feel useful when when you want your work to reach a wide audience.

My recommendation is always to keep your writing straightforward and to the point. Don't get flowery and overly descriptive, especially when you're writing in a business, professional, or academic setting. Make sure your points are clear and concise. There's nothing worse than losing a reading or a client because they didn't want to, or couldn't, wade through your message. Leave the embellishments for your fiction writing.

If you've written yourself into a corner and are having a hard time finding your way out, contact Helen to talk about editing your project and simplifying your presentation.

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