Tips for Creating a Dynamic Resume

Creating a strong resume can be intimidating. There are any number of print resources, online job search portals, and online sources that offer up tips, hints, and foolproof methods of creating a top-notch resume. Each of those is a great starting point for resume research, but it's very easy to quickly become overwhelmed with conflicting information.

One way to cut down on that information is to search for tips directly related to the type of job you're seeking. If you're applying for marketing jobs, don't do a general resume search. Instead, search for examples and tips that are specific to marketing. In certain fields, such as the medical field, you may need to include different types of information which require very specific categories or types of measurable data.'

I've seen a number of different types of resumes in working with clients to edit and rewrite job search materials. I have compiled some basic tips to help you compose a solid resume.

- Don't use passive voice in writing your resume. Use action verbs as much as possible to explain your responsibilities, objectives, or desired employment. Instead of saying that you oversee volunteers, say that you recruit, train, and coordinate a team of volunteers.

- If applicable, include measurable results. Don't say that you increased sales. Instead, state that you increased sales by 50% in your first six months.

- Don't include irrelevant information. If you have professional association or group membership that pertains to your job, you may want to add it. Your hobbies, however, are out of place on your resume.

- Ensure that the header on your cover letter and resume match. You don't want to send a resume out that you've updated with new contact information, only to find that the accompanying cover letter has your old email address or phone number.

- Include your contact information on both your cover letter and resume. Make it as easy as possible for a potential employer to contact you.

- Edit and proofread your resume before you finalize it. Take your time to read it through carefully ensuring that you have covered each section and that each is also formatted correctly. If you know someone in the same field, ask if they would read through it for you and offer suggestions.

- Choose a simple resume design, or create two resumes. When you run into a cut and paste online job application, less formatting in your resume means it will be easier to read. You want a more dynamic resume for mailing or dropping off in person. Clear and simple is key for clarity, but there are ways to also make that simple design stand out. Research resume designs to see what might work for your field.

The search for a job can be hard, especially when changing fields. Creating a resume that showcases your best work and highlights your skills takes dedication and focus. Contact me and let me help you put your best foot forward!

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