6 Proofreading Tips To Polish Your Writing

You’ve found the time to get an article written for your site, to get that blog post published, or to complete your latest class assignment. But in the middle of all the tasks on your plate when it comes to life, sometimes the polishing gets pushed a side in the quest for “good enough” and “finished.”

Polished doesn’t have to take a back seat in the battle to get things marked off your to-do list. Even if you’ve already hit publish, with 10 minutes you can do a quick proofread to fix any errors and make your writing shine.

One of the easiest ways to catch errors is to write in Word or another word processing program so that you can take advantage of the included features. Writing directly in a blog platform doesn’t always offer the same options.

  • Always use spell check.

  • The “Find and Replace” feature (Ctrl +G) is your friend.

  • Use it to check for the consistent spelling of an unusual name.

  • Use it to make sure citations are uniform, if you’re using them.

  • Use it to make sure you’re only using one space after punctuation.

  • Use it for words, misspellings, or errors that you see popping up in your writing consistently.

  • Check lists closely for uniform punctuation.

  • Read your writing backwards to catch any glaring mistakes.

  • Read your writing out loud to find tricky syntax, word choice, or other spots that might trip up your readers.

  • Proofread the day after you finish a piece so that you can approach it with fresh eyes.

With these tips in mind, you can give your writing a quick proofread and be confident that you’ve done your best to refine your presentation. If you find yourself needing more assistance, or you’re just out of time, contact me at helen@personalproofreading.com and we’ll find a solution that works for you.

6 Proofreading Tips to Polish Your Writing

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